NEW: Like kebab, made from plants

0% animal, 100% kebab

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Meat made from plants

We produce plant-based protein that tastes super delicious. Save the world with every bite. No compromises.

Planted.chicken is available in Switzerland in the retail trade, in gastronomy and in our webshop

Simply delicious

Our products taste like ordinary meat, but no animal had to die for it. We only use a handful of carefully selected natural ingredients, nothing else. It is juicy, delicious, tender, healthy and full of protein!

All about the launch of the planted.kebab

Any questions?

We don't just talk the talk. Our products are full of healthy proteins, dietary fibers, and nutrients. Still have unanswered questions? Read our FAQ.

Our partners

We combine our scientfic know-how and industry knowledge with a lot of passion to tackle the global protein need. And we couldn't do it without our partners.

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