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Our products are clean label, and don’t contain any additives, which means they are a clean slate for you to work your culinary magic on. planted.chicken loves all of your favourite marinades, so don’t skimp on adding flavour.


We love planted.chicken sauteed in a pan with a little vegetable oil until the outside is caramelised and the edges are crispy. But it also tastes delicious stir fried, grilled, deep fried, poached, or baked. And if you’re into that raw food buzz, good news, because planted.chicken does not need to be cooked for safety reasons.

Step 3: ENJOY!

Now for the best bit...Once you’ve finished cooking, it’s time to eat up, and the sooner the better - planted.chicken tastes best immediately after cooking.


- DO use delicious marinades; planted.chicken loves to soak up flavour!
- DO fry planted.chicken in vegetable oil until it is golden brown. The taste and aroma is most delicious when the outside is caramelised and the edges are crispy.
- DO use planted.chicken on the BBQ.


- NO, please do not leave it on the grill too long. Unlike chicken, planted.chicken does not need to be boiled or fried for a long time for safety reasons.
- NO, please do not leave planted.chicken soaked in a sauce for more than an hour. It absorbs moisture (great for the taste), but if it "baths" in a liquid for too long it can get soggy.
- NO, please do not allow planted.chicken to dry out, but keep it in a closed container. If the package has already been opened for a few days, you are welcome to soak planted.chicken in some water for about 30 minutes before cooking (alternatively, you can add the water to your marinade).
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