The insulating bag is made of recycled waste paper and is 100% recyclable. In Switzerland you can easily dispose of the packaging with the usual cardboard, in Germany and Austria with the waste paper. But you can also reuse the bag, it is perfect for cooling food. If you want to read more about the packaging, please visit


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What is Planted?

Simply put, Planted is meat from plants - planted meat.
At Planted, we believe that meat as we know it does not have to come from an animal. There is a better, healthier, more delicious way to feed ourselves and the planet. We create delicious, nutritious, sustainable and juicy protein made exclusively from plants. Natural resources are conserved and animals are respected. Our contribution to the fight against climate change, with a positive impact on our health. Too good to be true? Try it out.

Where can I find Planted?

Our first product is planted.chicken and is available in Switzerland. More products will follow!
You can find planted in the retail trade in about 200 Coop branches in Switzerland, in our webshop, at Farmy and in many specialty shops such as the Hiltl Vegimetzg in Zurich.
Find all our locations here.

Which supermarkets carry Planted?

Currently you can buy planted.chicken in around 200 Coop branches and in specialty shops such as Tofulino in Winterthur and Hiltl Vegimetzg in Zürich. Subscribe to our newsletter below to receive the latest updates.

Are Planted products vegan?

We can assure you that no animal was touched in the making of our planted meats! Planted is 100% plant-based, natural and vegan.

Is planted.chicken really more sustainable than conventional meat?

Yes, compared to conventional meat production we emit 66% less greenhouse gases, use 50% less land and need 50% less water. By eliminating the animal in the value chain, we are much more efficient in the production of proteins.

Why does planted.chicken look like real meat?

In order to have a real impact on the planet, we must change our eating habits. One of the best ways to do this is to create plant-based food that die-hard meat eaters will love. We know that old habits are hard to change, and so we have developed technology that allows us to imitate the taste, structure and nutritional values of meat. The great thing about it? We achieve all this without breeding, feeding and slaughtering a single animal.

How is planted.chicken produced?

The manufacturing process is called wet extrusion. Extrusion is a process that was originally developed for rubber processing, but has also been used in the food industry since the 1960s: for peanut flips, cornflakes, spaghetti or, more recently, planted.chicken.
It is central to the second generation of vegetable meat replacement products, because it can be used to transform extracted plant proteins, which have a spherical shape at the microscopic level, into the fibrous and stretched form of animal muscle fiber proteins. By rotating two screws, the ingredients are heated in the extruder and put under pressure. At the same time, shear forces act as in a pasta machine. This produces a dough which is pressed through a nozzle and cooled down in it.
This enables us to convert plant material into the fibre structure of meat by applying only heat, pressure and shearing. This innovative process involves mixing the best raw materials and selecting the right parameters for our unique setup without the need for chemical additives.

What ingredients does planted.chicken contain?

We use only 4 completely natural ingredients that grow and do not need to be slaughtered: pea protein, pea fiber, rapeseed oil and water. We also add vitamin B12. We do not use any flavouring or preservatives and planted.chicken is free of animal products, chemical additives, gluten, soy, lactose and GMO ingredients.

Where are the ingredients used in planted.chicken from?

Here are the origins of our ingredients:
Pea protein: Western Europe
Pea fibre: Western Europe
Rapeseed oil: Switzerland
Water: Switzerland

Are you planning any more Planted products?

Yes. We are a food tech start-up that places a lot of value on science and R&D. We are currently working on experimenting with and texturising different plant proteins in order to bring more products to the market.

What kind of salt do you use for planted.chicken?

We do not add any salt to planted.chicken. The salt contained in the product is a natural result of the 4 ingredients.

Do you use genetically modified ingredients?

No, Planted products are 100% GMO-free. All of our ingredients are grown the same way they have been for thousands of years. At Planted, we respect what nature has given us and we will never use genetically modified ingredients in our products.

I have a nut allergy. Can I eat Planted safely?

Our products do not contain peanuts or other nuts. However, peas are legumes, and people suffering from severe allergies to legumes such as peanuts should be careful about eating pea protein in case of the risk of an allergic reaction.

Is planted.chicken gluten free?

No ingredients containing gluten (including binders) are used in our products, and no gluten-containing foods are produced on our production line or in our machines. However, we are currently still producing in an environment in which we cannot rule out the possibility that the product may come into contact with minimal amounts of gluten via the air.

How high is the purine concentration in planted.chicken?

Unfortunately we do not know the exact purine value of our product. Peas, like other pulses, naturally contain a lot of purine. Therefore, our product is unfortunately not suitable for consumption with gout.

Do you deliver to Germany or Austria? 

At the moment we only deliver to Switzerland. However we are working hard on finding a solution which will allow us to deliver to Germany and Austria. In order to be the first to hear the latest updates, please subscribe to our newsletter. 

How long will it take until I receive my order?

If you order by 12 noon (midday) you will receive your order the following day. 

How do I dispose of the cool bag?

The insulating bag is made of recycled waste paper and is 100% recyclable. In Switzerland you can easily dispose of the packaging with the usual cardboard, in Germany and Austria with the waste paper. But you can also reuse the bag, it is perfect for cooling food. If you want to read more about the packaging, please visit

How do I dispose of the cooling pads?

Of course you can reuse the cooling pads as often as you like. But if you don't need them anymore, you can dispose of them as follows: They are filled with pure tap water - that means you can cut the cooling pad open and pour the water into the drain. The plastic cover can then be disposed of with the regular waste or with the recyclable waste. If you want to read more about the packaging, please visit

What is the shelf life of planted.chicken? 

If you order through the online shop then the product can be kept in the refrigerator for 20 days from the day of receipt. If you buy from a store then please refer to the expiry date on the packaging.

Can I freeze planted.chicken?

We do not recommend freezing, as it can lead to a loss of quality. Orders from the web shop have already been frozen once and will be defrosted by post, packages from the Coop have never been frozen before. 

Does planted.chicken have a bio / organic certification? 

At the moment our planted.chicken is not organic. We are working hard on this, and hope to be able to offer you an organic product soon. 

Why do you use plastic for packaging planted.chicken? 

We have reduced the plastic as much as possible for the start. However, in the end, hygiene and durability is always an issue and so is waste. But we are already working on other solutions. There is a lot going on in the packaging market at the moment. Unfortunately, more cardboard does not always mean less plastic. In our opinion, the best thing here is open sale, which is why we have had a pop-up in the Hiltl Vegimetzg with open sale since 13 January.

Can I combine the varieties again and again when I subscribe?

If you want to reassemble the varieties, you must cancel your existing subscription and buy a new one. This also applies to the desired order quantity.

How does billing work with the planted.chicken subscription? 

Very simple: when you purchase your subscription, you enter your credit card. Every 3 weeks we will send you your desired quantity of planted.chicken and charge your credit card.

Can I invest in Planted? 

Thanks for your interest in investing! We closed our seed funding round at the end of October 2019 and are currently not in an active fundraising phase. We would be happy to contact you when we start our next fundraising round. Subscribe to our newsletter in order to keep up to date with developments. 

How do I prepare planted.chicken correctly?

We love our product and we want you to love it too. That’s why we have created a cookbook with simple, healthy and delicious recipes for you to cook at home. For more info go to

What are the nutritional values of planted.chicken? 

The nutritional values are listed at

Can I rent Planted for events?

Yes, you can. Just send us an email to and let us know what you have in mind. We are looking forward to your request!

Can I offer planted.chicken in my company / business?

Of course! We are always interested in hearing from new restaurants and catering companies which are interested in cooking with planted.chicken. We are also on the lookout for new partners who want to work with Planted as a reseller. Send us an email at

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