TV Feature: Planted in "A Bon Entendeur" - RTS (Swiss TV)

Planted's Lukas and Pascal featured in RTS segment

Link to episode, PLANTED starting at minute 31.full

We're delighted to be featured in "A Bon Entendeur's" latest segment on meat, proteins, ways to eat healthier and save the planted at the same time. Watch Lukas Böni and Pascal Bieri talk about how we make our PLANTED Chicken and why PLANTED is truly revolutionary!

Below a brief summary of the segment:

Comment nourrir dix milliards d'humains à l'horizon 2050 sans épuiser notre planète ? We chose it, but it was sweet: to get the money for a man to come to Switzerland and consume it plus 50 kilos of the same year. Écologie, santé, ABE entrera dans les détails ! It is responsible for a good part of the work of the serre et la surconsommation de viande rouge peut être néfaste for notre organisations. Alors quelles sont les alternatives ? The footsteps of the various in vitro, the insect in soya, ABE has created a menu of petits oignons to diversify the sources of proteins.

Link: RTS - A Bon Entendeur - 19.3.2019

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